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LBX Armored Girls is a new RPG simulation mobile game based on Little Battlers eXperience. It’s also known as Soukou Musume and is published by DMM Games in partnership with Level-5 Games, the developers. The release of the game is slated for the 2018 spring across Android and iOS. The robotic girls are featured in LBX Armored Girls are wearing the amours of Little Battlers eXperience. The main characters focused on in this are 5 girls but the plan is to have up 60 characters. The five girls are Achilles, The Emperor, Joker, Kunoichi, and Hunter. Players can pre-register at the official website of the game. It’s also expected to contain a system of amour destruction. Here, the LBX parts of the girls can be destroyed as a result of an attack. This consequently exposes their skin. LBX Armored Girls is a great partnership of DMM Games and Level-5 that is relevant to players as many from different age-groups are taken into account. The target of DMM Games is hugely adult players while Level-5 Games is preferred mostly by the younger generation. This is a strategy that definitely catches the attention of a large player base.


The setting of the game is alternate Tokyo. This setting is based on two keywords of the “two suns” and “streets in ruins”. It’s a similar world but different and parallel. The setting is in ruins. Hence, the girls have to survive and look for a way to get back to the regular world. This place is attacked by Mimesis, a mysterious enemy. The players will be required take control of a huge number of girls. These girls are each wearing an armour from the original series of LBX: Little Battlers eXperience. Each and every one of the characters will have a full voice of their own. The story, on the other hand, will utilize a Live2D technology for animation.

All the game’s battles are in real time. All the girls will be made to have an armour break system. In case any of the girls loses a battle, her armour will incur some damaged and it will leave parts of her skin bare. This game has a bit of Adaptational Sexuality whereby all the characters are considered to be female except for the vector opponents. This is a rare example of a video game as opposed to other games that fall under the same category of games. Joker has a childish behaviour but can be rather lethal, using her scythe to cut down opponents. Emperor fights with her huge mace hammer which is in close similarity to her frame of LBX. Achilles’ armour is exactly similar to her White Knight frame. Kunoichi still holds her Kodachi in combat.


• A huge number of characters
Apart from the 5 main characters, the game is expected to have a total of 6+ characters. The girls try to fight their way from the parallel world to the regular world.

• Armor
Each of these girls has a special armour which protects them during battles. If they get hit, the armour breaks down leading to the exposure of their skins.

• Weapons
Each of the 5 main characters has weapons that are specific to them. They use these weapons during battles to defeat the opponents.


• The game is likely to thrill with a great number of interesting characters

• The storyline of LBX Armored Girls is engaging and is most likely going to interest every potential player to playing

• The gameplay is impressive


• Some gamers believe that the game will not bring along lots of new features


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