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Lords Mobile game is a real-time mobile strategy video game with elements of RPG. It was developed by IGG and has settings of a world of fantasy filled with chaos. The kingdoms have the aim of battling out in order to gain a status of domination. It has a high player base and was released on the 15th August 2015. Lords Mobile game is available on both Google Play and App Store. It’s been classified by App Annie as one of the top grossing strategy games on both of the two platforms. Provisional statistic put the total number of users at just over 65 million. In the year 2016, the game won the award for Google Play’s “Best Competitive Game”. The game was also was nominated for “Best Multiplayer Game Award”.


Lords Mobile game first introduces the player to the building of Barracks. At this stage, the player is expected to build up their troops as one of the essential aspects of this game. Building the barrack is quite simple. The player simply taps on the specific areas where their preferred buildings are. Each and every one of the buildings to choose from needs materials that are unique and specific to it. You’ll spend a duration ranging from minutes to hours of real life when coming up with your building.

However, you have the option of speeding the process up by using gems. For your Kingdom to be successful, your Castle is very vital. Therefore, you need to upgrade it often. By doing this, you get a variety of benefits which include increased the capacity of amour. As you keep logging into the game on a daily basis, you earn VIP points. You can also earn the points by increasing your VIP level. Conducting an attack on the enemy must be organized well if you are to defeat them. You can gain information regarding how they can be defeated as you get some tips and scout them. Only then is when you can proceed with the attack.

Attacking the turf of the enemy requires that you a good number of troops and Heroes. You have only one Hero as the game starts but as you keep playing, you can unlock more.


• Worldwide PvP
The global PvP feature enables the player to engage in fights over strong bases at the centre of every kingdom. You can also come to the rescue of your allies when they are under attack. The player can also dominate the headquarters of other players.

• Joining a clan
Joining a clan helps in achieving higher rankings as you group up with other like-minded warriors and dominating battles.

• Hero Battles
The player has the capability of recruiting various heroes and levelling them up in a game mode known as Hero Battles. Here he/she takes part in a series of RPG-style battles with bosses.

• Crafting of equipment
You can collect resources that you then use for crafting equipment that is useful to your heroes suitable for army versus army wars.

• The graphics are cartoonish and are great for playing
• The character models and animations are awesome
• The hero-battle mode is a great experience for gamers
• The gameplay is focused on PvP

• The game has elements that are play-to-win
• The battles are mostly automated
• The tutorial is quite long

From the look of things, Lords Mobile game has proven to be a great experience for fresh gamers and those who have experience. It is addictive and is worth spending time on.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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