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Masha and the Bear: Good Night! For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Masha and the Bear: Good Night! Is an educational category game that is free to download and play on Android devices. The mobile game has been developed and published by a game company Hippo Kids Games. It has a pretend play of the whole family composed of kids, young adults, and the adults. This game belongs to the educational series of games from Hippo Kids Games. It contains elements of interactive stories. These are the aspects that make it suitable for all members of the family regardless of the age of an individual.

Masha and the Bear: Good Night! GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW

Masha and the Bear: Good Night! features interactive lullabies and bedtime stories. These stories are made up of puzzles, adventures and a plot. The aim of all these is to wish the characters good night and consequently lulls them. The feature of interactive lullabies is preferably better than the cartoons or bedtime stories. The game also entails assisting the cartoon characters from the Masha and Bear to perform certain tasks. The game kicks out when the night sets in and the forest have some lights that are visible. The light comes from the house of the two cartoons Masha and the Bear because they are unable to sleep. The other animals that reside close by are also not able to sleep as well. Every one of the cartoon characters from Masha and the Bear needs to urgently perform some tasks before they finally retire to bed. One character needs to arrange things in a given order; another is interested in counting the stars.

Still another character wants to listen to nice and calm music and the other wants to watch a cartoon before heading to bed. There is also one character that comes to the house of the two cartoons wanting to shower. The stories are quite interesting and not as usual. This makes the game way better than only cartoons due to the presence of interactive lullabies and bedtime stories when all are combined together. The player takes the place of the main character in these stories that are amazing. At the end of it all, you will have come up with an adventurous fairytale of your experiences. As the main character of the stories, you wish the other animal characters goodnight and make them go to bed. The other great aspect of this game is that it helps you to play with other members of the family. You’ll be spending more time with them having lots of fun positive emotions.

Masha and the Bear: Good Night! FEATURES TIPS AND TRICKS

• Bed Time stories
The game has lots of bedtime stories that are told to the characters by the player who takes the role of the main character in the stories

• Puzzles
There are puzzles within the games that need to be completed by the player as they tell the bedtime stories.

• Adventures
The stories also exhibit certain adventures that the characters go through in the plot of every bedtime story.

• Interactive lullabies
There are also interactive lullabies that characters engage in throughout the game to help make the cartoon characters and the main character to fall asleep


• The bedtime stories are great and help kids and other family members who play to fall asleep faster

• The gameplay is awesome, making the game very addictive

• The game helps educate kids through the use of bedtime stories and interactive lullabies


• The game occasionally freezes and stops working until it’s restarted

• The graphics are not so great

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HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY Masha and the Bear: Good Night! ON PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
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  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.