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PixelJunk Eden Obscura for PC Download Free

PixelJunk Eden Obscura for PC – Windows/MAC OS

Hi guys and welcome today with a new great game called PixelJunk Eden Obscura published by Q-Games. They finally bring their popular PixelJunk franchise to mobile platforms beginning with iOS. Eden Obscura released on iOS over the weekend. Originally announced a year ago, Q-Games announced the release date for both iOS and Android over at BitSummit, the indie game festival, in Japan. This is a spinoff of PixelJunk Eden and has some gorgeous visuals and great music. Watch the trailer for Eden Obscura below. There are loads of console or PC only game franchises that feel right at home on mobile. PixelJunk has always been in that category. Now that Eden Obscura is finally available on iOS as a free game with in-app purchases, I’m curious to see the reception it gets. If you use Android, the wait isn’t much longer because Eden Obscura should hit Google Play on June 1st. It will also be free with in-app purchases. I first discovered Baiyon through the remixes in the Sword and Sworcery EP Japanese release before getting into the PixelJunk Eden soundtrack. Eden Obscura uses your device camera to overlay its own gorgeous designs into the real world with various filters and tweaks giving it a trippy augmented reality kaleidoscope feel. It is now available for free on the App Store and will hit Google Play on June 1st.

PixelJunk Eden Obscura Gameplay and Review

And now let`s focus on the gameplay and see what this game is made of! If you have never played through PixelJunk Eden, let me briefly fill you in. It works a lot like any other 2D platformer, but instead of primarily jumping around each stage you will have to control your character as it swings from flower-like objects. You do this so you can reach the more inaccessible areas that contain the dot-like Spectras scattered throughout each stage. The collection is the name of the game as you don’t want to leave any of those Spectras behind. The more dots you collect, the more stages you unlock. Now, I’m unsure if PixelJunk Eden Obscura is going to contain exactly the same gameplay. After all, this is a mobile release that currently doesn’t have a trailer available to show off its gameplay. I’m a little worried about this because the musical composer/producer Tomohisa Kuramitsu (better known as Baiyon) has clearly stated that the mobile release will be free-to-play. That could mean many things including free-to-try with a premium in-app purchase unlock, but until it hits the Play Store.


  • Good idea for a game
  • Creative gameplay
  • Nice visuals
  • Fun to play


  • I was a little confused at the beginning of the game but it is not hard to use to it.

Download PixelJunk Eden Obscura on Mobile

  • Google Play Store – link
  • Apple App Store – link

How to Download and Play PixelJunk Eden Obscura on PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator software here.
  3. Watch the videos below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favorite Android game on your desktop PC.


If you are looking for an interesting and new kind of game you should try this game out!

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