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PixelJunk Eden Obscura For PC Download Free

PixelJunk Eden Obscura For PC – Windows/MAC OS

PixelJunk Eden Obscura is an upcoming game for iOS and Android devices. This platformer game is developed and published by Q-Games and has the release date set for TBA 2018. The game will have the player finding themselves in a submerged situation among plants that are of alien origins and which tower above him/ her. The game is actually a remake of the PixelJunk Eden title of the year 2008. Again, the first ever title of the series that has been made for mobile platforms. To help the game to stand out among so many others in the same category, the developers have made to have unique tricks that utilize the user’s phone.

PixelJunk Eden Obscura GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW

This game has a single player mode and up to 3 multiplayer game mode who can play simultaneously and cooperate with each other. The player controls a creature known as the Grimp. This small creature jumps and attaches itself to structures that look like plants in order to manoeuvre through from one point to the next. This creature is also able to swing for a short time from a tether that looks like a silk. As it jumps, the Grimp can spin at the same time. While doing all these manoeuvres, the creature’s aim is to collect many Spectra, which are found in the stages of the game known as gardens. The objects known as Spectra are located above the point where the player starts out. To be able to reach them, you must activate seeds. These seeds grow into structures that will the aid the Grimp by forming what it attaches itself to.

Pollens can also be collected by making the creature to hit the enemies either by using the silk it swings from or its body. You can also try to swing and jump through several enemies without a plant or ground. As the game progresses into later stages, the Grimp’s enemies become more aggressive. They try to knock the creature off from the plants that it’s on or cut the silk. This slows the player’s ability to advance to the higher levels of the game. If you manage to enter a garden, a meter reading starts to drop. If it constantly decrements and become empty, you fail the mission and you’ll have to restart the game. Alternatively, you can collect objects known as crystals from the garden and use them in refilling the meter.


• Gardens
These are the stages where players can get collectables which will help in refilling the synchronization meters to increase the power of the creature.

• Grimp
The Grimp is the main character in this game. It’s the creature with which the player will play

• Alien plants and silks
These are the places when the creature that you play with will be swinging and jumping in order to pass one stage to the next and hit the enemies.

• The Synchronization meter
This is the object that measures the level of power-ups that the player has when they are in the garden collecting objects. If the meter drops to zero, the player loses that game level and has to restart the game afresh.


• The audio-visuals of this game is so good and will definitely hook many pundits

• The playability of this game is easy. The controls are also simple to use

• It is expected to give a good gaming experience and definitely be a good leisure activity for players


The downsides of this game are not known yet. Once released, the cons will be noticed, if there are any.

DOWNLOAD PixelJunk Eden Obscura ON MOBILE

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator softwares here
  3. Watch the video below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.

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