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Puzzle and Dragons for PC Download Free

Puzzle and Dragons for PC – Windows/MAC OS Full Version

Puzzle and Dragons is a role-playing video game that initially started as match-three puzzle game. The popular video game that was developed by GungHo Online Entertainment is designed with two adventurous game plays. Puzzle and dragons pc is a role-playing video game that initially started as match-three puzzle game. The popular video game that was developed by GungHo Online Entertainment is designed with two adventurous game plays.

Main Features

Engaging Match – Three Game play  – Match up three or more gems of the same coloured to get your monster with same colour element to unleash an attack.
Co-op Play  – Before a fight, players can enlist the help of a friendly monster to assist them fight the enemy monster in the dungeon.
Dungeons  – there are several dungeons which are associated with a player’s rank in the game.
Power Up and Evolve Monsters  – You can form a stronger monster team by leveling up less-wanted monsters through fusion & evolution.
In-game currencies  -- they can be used to restore stamina, increase the capacity of the player’s monster inventory, increase the capacity of the player’s friend list etc.
Over 3000 Monsters to Collect  – Get new monsters from the egg machine or complete the dungeons for a chance of getting rare monsters to drop.
Collaborations  – puzzle and dragons can be collaborated with other anime properties and video games.

Puzzle and Dragons GamePlay

Puzzle and Dragons PC game involves a combination of two types of role playing games: monster collecting and tile matching. Players are required to create teams by picking from over 3000 different monsters they can get within the game & then venture into the dungeons. Solving tile matching puzzles helps to determine how powerful the monster attacks will be when facing the enemy monsters.
The core principle of puzzle and dragons is to match three orbs on the puzzle grid in order to damage your enemies. Basically, you will start with a little monster that has a colour representing fire, water, light, darkness or wood. From the horde of dragons, super humans and demons you’ve collected, assemble the team of five dragons and venture into the dungeon which contains the enemy. Match three gems of a particular colour & your monsters of that colour will attack your foes.

The type and amount of the gem matches is what will determine the wave of the damage on the enemy monsters. More gem combos will help to boost an attack resulting to a devastating and even one-shot kills to your enemies. There is also a sixth gem type that is used to heal your monsters’ wounds. They are vital for survival since the enemy monsters will be constantly attacking your monsters in between puzzle-matching. As you continue to play puzzle and dragons pc game, you will recruit monsters to your team to serve as leaders, helpers or just plain old grunts.

Pros & Cons

• Unlike a lot of similar games, you can move a gem around the whole board for a specified time.
• Moving a gem shifts many other gems creating multiple matches thus yielding more attacks & boosts for your team.
• Very addictive.Puzzle and dragons PC is an instant free to play game that is designed with a unique blend of monster collecting and tile matching. It’s one of the most addictive and polarising PC games.

Puzzle and Dragons Trailer

Download Puzzle and Dragons for Mobile and Tablet Version

Google Play Store – Link

Apple App Store – Link

How to Download and Play Puzzle and Dragons on PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator Softwares here
  3. Watch the videos below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your PC.

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