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Tap Titans 2 For PC Download Free

Tap Titans 2 For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Tap Titans 2 mobile video game is a freemium game belonging to the Tap Titans sequel. The game, developed by Game Hive Corporation, can be played on both iOS and Android devices. You play as the Sword Master to take the defense of the world against numerous titans that are invading it. The Titans have formed armies which you’ll need to slash with your sword.

You can up the power of the Sword Master in order to be able to fight off the Titans whose strength is ever increasing. This single-player RPG game was released in December 2016 and has only one control, that is, tapping. So, to slash the monsters and enemies with the sword, all you need to do is to tap anywhere on your device’s screen.


The character of the player in Tap Titans 2 is known as Inuyasha. When you tap anywhere on the screen, he will kill the enemy on the map after which another one will show up. The completion of one stage requires that you kill one boss and nine monsters. Killing bosses are more difficult than killing the monsters.

Each boss has a time limit for you to kill it. In case you are unable to kill the boss before the time elapses, you’ll have to fight against others before you can try to kill it once more. If you manage a number of stages, you’ll get to play at a different location, against stronger monsters and bosses. Thankfully, your character can also get stronger. The strength is gained by collecting coins that are yielded by the monster that you’ve already killed.

These coins help increase the level of Inuyasha and hence, he will become stronger making able to inflict more damage by every slash that he takes. The main character can also have allied with him. Using the coins that you collect, you can hire the services of these companions and they are also leveled up. The companions become more expensive as you progress the levels. On the brighter side, you get to earn more coins as well.

You can also have pets accompany you on your trip. Apart from this, you can also have special skills, equipment, and artifacts. These are unlocked when you reach a given level. It’s also possible to team up with other members in order to kill an enormous monster that offers huge amounts of coins. Every team member has to play a role in killing the monster since it requires teamwork to be successful. The game also has an automatic play feature that goes on to play for you when you’ve closed the game. However, in the automatic playing no bosses are cleared and hence, the progress achieved is minimal.


• Heroes and Loyal Pets
To help you in repelling the onslaught of the Titans, you can get heroes and pets to accompany you. Use your coins to recruit them.

• Skills
To power your ability to clear bosses and monsters, you can unlock certain skills

• Bosses and Monsters
These are the titans that you need to slash and kill. Each level of the game has a single Boss and nine Monsters to clear.

• Equipment 
Using different equipment, you can customize your character in strength and looks to suit you.

• Clans
You have the option to join a clan or create one that is helpful in defeating the Titan Lords.

• Tournaments 
This enables you to compete with other players around the world.


• Simple control
• The audio graphics are awesome
• It has a simple gameplay but is rewarding to play
• Has a good replay value


• The depth of the gameplay is not so exciting
• A number of gamers have reported some crushes


For those who love tapping games, Tap Titans 2 is no doubt a game that is worth your time. Besides, it’s quite a simple and easy game to play.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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