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Snipers vs Thieves For PC Download Free

Snipers vs Thieves For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Snipers vs Thieves is a real-time 1v4 multiplayer game of heist filled with action where you can play either as a sniper or a thief. The game was developed by PlayStack  Ltd alongside Foxglove Studio and was released on August
2017. It is available in both App Store and Google Play, hence can be played on both Android and iOS platforms. As a thief, you have to steal as much loot as you can. If you are playing as a sniper, you protect your stash and shoot down
the thieves before they reach their van for the getaway.

Snipers vs Thieves GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW

At the start of each round of Snipers vs Thieves, you can choose to play as the sniper or take the part of a thief. The main goal of one playing as a thief is to evade the sniper’s bullets, get to the van and drive escape in your van. On the other hand, the sniper aims his/her bullets at the escaping thieves to ensure they don’t get away with the stolen stuff from the bank. The game is light on gore by heavy on the violence of cartoons. The gadgets you can employ are wacky and wild and range from high-powered explosives to dolls used for a decoy. The sniper can play alone or play with four other friends in a gang of thieves. The sniper can either delay the thieves until they are arrested when the time runs out or shoot to kill them.

The ones who don’t manage to escape and haven’t been killed either, get to be arrested. When you are playing as the thief, you can make use of things in your environment to escape. The options available for you include hiding behind cars and buildings or make use of boxes and barrels as you sneak across on the map. If you beat the sniper within the time and reach the van with your loot, you can share it with the gang. Upon the death of one of the gang members, his loot is picked up by one of the thieves and the loot will be added to the total.


· Snipers
You can choose to play as a sniper to protect your bank and prevent the gang of thieves from escaping with the loot. You engage them in shooting to kill or delay them so that they can be arrested when you hold them long enough until the time runs out.

· Thieves
You can choose your own cartel of thieves which can be made up of up to 25 members. Together, you loot a bank and try to escape with the spoils into a getaway van. If you manage to escape, you can share the loot among yourselves.

· Real-time multiplayer
You can engage with either your friends or strangers as a member of a gang or as the sniper shooting at the gang.


· The game performs very well

· It has awesome graphics and audio

· You can easily choose to play with family and


· The game does not offer a good amount of challenge
to the player

· The game is a bit too repetitive


Snipers and Thieves is a great shooter-simulation game that offers a relatively good gameplay. Download the free game and try it out yourself. The adventure will help you spend your time with a lot of excitement.

DOWNLOAD Snipers vs Thieves ON MOBILE

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator softwares here
  3. Watch the video below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.

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