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Super Meat Boy Forever For PC Download Free

Super Meat Boy Forever For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Super Meat Boy Forever is a platformer action game whose release is slated for TBA 2018. The 2D video game is developed by Team Meat and published by the same company. It belongs to the sequel of indie performer Supper Meat Boy, which was released in 2010. However, this game is an auto-runner video game as opposed to its predecessor. Team Meat re-announced the release of the game in August 2017. Subsequently, it was slated for release for both Android and iOS, among other platforms. Originally, this game was developed as a mobile spin-off but later turned into an actual sequel. Currently, it’s announced as a console game released for mobile but still an underlying sensibility of mobile.

Super Meat Boy Forever GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW

The gameplay is similar to its predecessor in a number of ways. However, it has an auto-runner style giving the player the ability to dash and attack. The number of controls is just two in number. Each of the levels features a dynamic construction from selected sections that have been pre-designed. Once a player manages to complete a level the game advances in difficulty. It does this by coming up with a version of the same level that is more difficult. A player may have the control of either of the two main characters. Movements like diving, punching, jumping or sliding are done by the use of the scheme of the two control buttons. The main characters that have been revealed by now include Meat Boy, who is the protagonist from the predecessor of the game. This character is playable.

Another playable character is the Bandage Girl. She’s Meat Boy’s love interest who was previously available in the game’s predecessor. The two playable characters get a child known as Nugget who is female. The other character is Dr. Fetus. Like in the predecessor of the Super Meat Boy Forever, this is the main antagonist of the series. The story begins when the two main characters get a child who is named Nugget. One given day, Dr. Fetus attacks them and snatches their child away from them. The focus of the game then goes to show how the parents of the girl traverse difficult levels to ensure they save her.


The video game is expected to have the following main features:

• Auto-runner
The characters played in the game are auto-runners which allow the player to interact with it using the two available game controls in order to carry out certain tasks.

• Levels
The levels found in the game keep becoming much harder as you complete the previous ones. The next level is just an alteration of the previous one only that it’s modified to be more difficult.

• Characters
The first main character is Meat Boy. The other main character is the Bandage Girl. They have a daughter known as Nugget and the enemy is Dr Fetus.


• The controls are super simple

• There are tons of saws to evade
• The levels are tough but fair

• The game’s new mechanics are perfect for the runner formula

• The game features smart checkpoints


• It may be an easy ride for veterans of the runner games


Super Meat Boy Forever is a nice mobile game. Most gamers will find it quite enjoyable and interesting in many ways.

DOWNLOAD Super Meat Boy Forever ON MOBILE

Google Play Store  link

Apple App Store – link


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