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My Talking Tom For PC Download Free

My Talking Tom For PC – Windows/MAC OS

My Talking Tom app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle platforms is a virtual pet app that was released in November 2013 for iOS and in 2014 for the other platforms. It belongs to the Talking Tom and Friends series of games that have been developed by Outfit7. With a slogan of “Customize Your Tom”, the game needs users to customize their virtual pet as they would like them. He/she adopts the kitten, train it and help it grow into a full grown cat. The pet is nurtured as it grows by playing with it and feeding it.


The game starts off with the player adopting their own kitten and naming it. Make the baby cat part of everything that you do in your daily life. By the end of it all, the kitten should become a fully grown cat with the abilities to perform tasks that the player trained it to do. The process of helping your cat to grow basically involves dressing the kitten, feeding it, and cleaning his house and customizing it as you’d prefer. There are a wide variety of accessories and fur with different colours. The player can also travel to other parts of the world to meet and interact with other Toms. You can also take part in 10 mini-games which make up the My Talking Tom game.


These mini-games include Brick Blast, Happy Connect, and Bubble Shooter among others. You can watch videos recorded by other players or even record your own and avail it for other players to have a look. Depending on how you play with your virtual pet, his emotions will vary from bored, happy, hungry or sleepy etc. The game has 9 stages that are different through which you need to help Tom grow through. These stages are broken into 999 levels. As you progress through the stages, you get rewarded, unlock new items and earn some coins. Your interaction with Tom involves talking as he repeats after you. Whatever action you take such as poking, stroking tickling has Tom responding accordingly.


• Mini-games
The number of mini-games found in My Talking Tom is 10. Examples include Bubble Shooter, Brick Blast and Happy Connect and more. By taking part in these mini-games, you earn gold coins and enjoy the fun all the way.

• Recording and watching videos
As you play, you can record your own videos of the interaction between you and your pet as well as watch videos that have been posted by other players.

• Nurturing Tom
The nurturing process of the virtual is entirely the player’s responsibility. You can feed him; play games with him or putting onto his bed to sleep.

• Traveling all over the world
In order to meet other Toms, you can collect plane tickets and travel to whatever place you’d like to. You can also fill your album with different postcards from different places that you travel to.

• Rewards
The able is able to earn coins and unlock more and more levels as they progress in the game.

• Interactions with Tom
Whenever you talk, Tom repeats everything you say and responds to actions you do such as poking, stroking and more.



• The gameplay immerses the player into the game just like in real life
• The graphics of the game are awesome.
• It is an easy game to play


• The game has lots of adverts and in-app purchases
• Monthly subscriptions are required for unlocking levels


My Talking Tom takes the series to another level. The interesting gameplay makes the player enjoy raising the pet from a young age all the way to when he becomes a fully grown cat. Download the game and try it out to get the experience yourself.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator softwares here
  3. Watch the video below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.

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