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The Master of Plunder For PC Download Free

The Master of Plunder For PC – Windows/MAC OS

The Master of Plunder is an RPG mobile video game that is available for players on both in iOS and Android mobile devices. The online action game was developed by DongKug Kim. The great thriller involves the player being engaged in looting, raiding, and plundering like a master. You also get to do the exploration of dungeons, fighting against some strange monsters, and valuable trophy gathering. You can attack other players around the world. If you get a victory from attacking other players like this, you get the permission of committing a robbery and stealing resources that are very valuable. However, when you attack a given player, they may come back and serve you a cup of revenge. So, you’ve got to watch your back.

The Master of Plunder GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW

The gameplay is very inviting and lovely. The game begins with the player setting out into fantasy land. The mission is to take goods left by dead baddies behind after the player has killed them. The number of baddies to kill is only limited by your efficiency in killing them. The game is all about plundering and revenging. Those of us who have played Diablo have a perfect picture of how it is in this game.

You not only play with the computer but you can also play against another player in player vs player mode of the game. You do this by raiding and plundering the other players’ games. However, that’s not all. You have to watch your back. Why? Well, because the game has a revenge system in place. This means that a player that you’ve plundered can sneak behind your back and plunder you as well. If you’ve attacked many other players, you become more vulnerable as they can conduct counter-attacks. This simply means that never ever can you afford to lower your guard.

To get great rewards here though, you must expose yourself to greater risks as well. There are quite a number of ways that you can employ while play. You can get special rewards by opting for Patrol rather than going for raids. This will help you get items in this mode that can’t be obtained in the other mode. Better yet, if you feel like being lazy, you can just automatically patrol and still receive items for free.

There is also the teaming up in the multiplayer mode. Here you join a guild and play alongside others. You can play as Guild Plunder or World Boss. You can also join forces to fight the World Boss Raid.


• Plunder and Revenge
The player can plunder others and take their goodies from them. The plundered players also have the capacity to conduct their revenge on a revenge system.

• Player vs Player Mode
The game has a player vs player mode whereby you fight against another player online and get rewards if you emerge victorious.

• Multiplayer Mode
You can join other players to participate in Guild plunder or fight in the World Boss Raid


• The has a great graphic design
• There are different classes of characters to explore
• You can fight against other players in the world
• The game has an engaging gameplay


The Master of Plunder is unique in that it has both single-player and multi-player modes. The gameplay is great and there is a good story behind the game.

DOWNLOAD The Master of Plunder ON MOBILE

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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