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Toon Blast For PC Download Free

Toon Blast For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Toon Blast is a match-two puzzle game that is played in a remarkable cartoonish world. The game features an adventure with funny cartoon characters and was developed by a game company known as Peak Games. It was released on August, 15; 2017 and is available on both App Store and Google Play. The world where it is played is full of rubber ducks, a friendly bear, and a wolf. The names of these characters are Wally Wolf, Cooper Cat, and Bruno Bear. It involves blasting cubes and solving puzzles to help you and your Toon Gang to travel your way through wonderful worlds of magic.


As in the case with most other puzzle games, Toon Blast is quite challenging and a player is likely to get frustrations when they get to the more difficult levels. A player has room to get 5 lives tops. You lose a life when you haven’t managed to meet the level’s goals. However, if you meet the goals, you save a life and you get a chance to play on. Before the game is over, you’re given a maximum number of moves that you can make. Not completing a goal means that you’ve run out of moves and you lose one life. On the other hand, if you complete a goal and still have some moves at your disposal, you get bonuses.

Depending on the size of the score, you’ll earn stars. The higher the score, the higher the number of stars you earn. This also gives you the chance to open up a star chest. From this chest, you may get helpers or coins or boosters. The game also has a number of power-ups and special blocks that ensure the game duration is lengthened. Otherwise, the game would start boring you after just a few levels. You can spawn the special blocks when you click on the blocks that are in large groups. When used properly used, the game can have a huge change. Conversely, you can unlock power-ups by progressing through Toon Blast. They are also extremely helpful in completing a level in the game. What to watch out for on the special blocks and power-ups is utilization in an efficient and creative manner.


• Levels and episodes
The game offers a sufficient number of levels and new episodes to unlock during the play time

• Boosters
Boosters are very useful when you want to get to the next level. They help you to blast your way from one level to the next.

• Stars
When you successfully complete any level, you get more stars and great rewards such as boosters, coins, and helpers.
• Formation of a team
Any player can create their own team which comes in handy for competing with other players in order to try to top the leaderboards. The teammates can also give you lives to help you play on.

• Device synchronization
You can easily synchronize your game between your tablet and phone.


• Though challenging to master, this game is fun and easy
• It is addictive and engages the player well
• The animal characters are cheerful and colourful
• It has a nostalgic soundtrack that attracts younger players


• The aspect of heavy in-app purchases doesn’t work well for players
• At the early levels, the game is too easy, making it less enjoyable for adult players


All in all, Toon Blast has proven to be one-of-a-kind puzzle game. It’s well suited for younger players except for the aspect of in-app purchases that players are expected make.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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